adidas Football DFB Euro 2020 Jersey Launch Activation
On November 12 2019 we created the launch activation of the new German national Euro 2020 jersey in Berlin.
We decided to create a launch event that included and celebrated the diversity of the fans and brought the players to the people because the diversity of the nation is what also makes the diversity of the national team

6 players at 6 locations simultaneously surprised fans throughout the city by appearing in everyday locations and
handing over the jersey as a symbol of unity as a team enforcing the line "Different beats, build a nations heart" .
A production crew of 180 members made if possible to create and launch bespoke instagram stories, PR photography and press material for each of the 6 players within a few hours of the activation. We extended the communication reach by incorporating brand assets, talents and influencers at the different locations. 

3 Days later we went online with a manifest film showing all 6 player activations and reenforcing the message of how "Different beats, build a nations heart". 
Hero Film
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